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Simplicity Vacuums

simplicity vacuum cleaners
Simplicity still makes quality cleaners and they do it right here in the USA. There machines are no nonsense and they last for years on end. They don’t depend on gadgets or gimmicks, they just believe in a quality product and quality customer service.

If you’ve never heard of the Simplicity brand it’s because they aren’t found in the big box stores only in dealers stores who they trust to represent their brand. Word of mouth is all they need to promote their product, saving you money by avoiding large marketing budgets. Investing their profit back into USA manufacturing and jobs for American families.

Simplicity vacuums are designed for durability and simple, uncomplicated functionality to give you the machine you need for your particular home or office space. From upright vacuums for pet owners to handheld models, these vacuum cleaners are equipped with powerful motors and unique characteristics to meet specialized cleaning needs.

HEPA filtration and media filter dust bags on select models raise home cleaning to another level by helping create cleaner indoor air—important for allergen sensitive individuals and families.

Browse our selection of Simplicity vacuum cleaners to find the perfect cleaning machine for your home.

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